About Us

The Crown Grill


Quality, Quality, Quality. You'll never go far wrong with quality. This is our mantra at The Crown in Stony Stratford. Like all of our Restaurants and Pubs, we only ever choose the freshest ingredients for all of our dishes. Our food is always 100% prepared from first principles, so you can be assured of the freshest and finest examples of the dish of your choice available. This, of course takes a little longer, but is always worth the wait! Rome wasn't built in a day...

At Lunchtime, however, we appreciate you may be in a bit of a rush, so we too can act a little faster at these times. You can always book in advance and we can have it waiting for you!

Chef Raymond Daykin


Raymond Daykin is well versed in his trade. And so he should be. He's been at it long enough! Having worked in some of the country's finest & busiest restaurants, he has honed his skills over time to develop exquisite menu selections, exacting tastes and standards and now passes on these skills to his teams on site. With a phenomenal work ethic, with no margin for error, you can be assured of the finest selection and quality each and every time you visit. If Quality, Quality, Quality is the key to ingredient choice, then consistency is Ray's handle on presenting it to you, Our Valued Customers. As always, if there's something you would like to try or have an event, please get in touch and we will always try to accommodate..

Opening Hours:


Monday-Thursday: 10am - Midnight

Friday-Saturday: 10am - 1am

Sunday: 10am - Midnight